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    BYHI Hockey Director Role

    Bloomington Youth Hockey Members,


    The Bloomington Youth Hockey, Inc. Board of Directors is searching for a qualified individual for the hockey director position for the upcoming 2018-2019 season. While in previous seasons the hockey director was a partial role held by a member of the board, a dedicated hockey director will more effectively elevate the quality of instruction and competitiveness of the club.


    Following the leading practices of other clubs, the hockey director will leverage their significant player and coach experience in order to develop the strategic direction of player development and oversee the coaching staff. In practice, the hockey director will deliver plans for player development, assist in ice allocation decisions, and regularly meet with coaching staff to discuss practice plans as well as provide feedback. Due to the significant time investment involved in these activities, and the experience desired, there will be a small additional cost (est. $15/mo) to members for this service.


    The hockey director will act in a consultant role to the Board of Directors, provide all recommendations to Board, with the Board retaining ultimate decision making authority. The Vice President of the Board will serve as the liaison between the hockey director and the board in order to provide assurance that results are seen.


    Additional details on qualifications and job description are listed below.


    If you have any questions or to submit your resume contact:

    Shawn McVey, President - or Joe Fuchs, Vice President –






    Joe Fuchs, Vice President





    Preferred Qualifications

    The ideal candidate will have:

    • USA Hockey CEP Level 4 Certified Coach or equivalent experience
    • Minimum of 5 years of Travel Hockey coaching experience or high level coaching experience
    • Established, well respected presence in the youth hockey community
    • Demonstrated excellent communication skills
    • Played hockey as a youth and continued through at least high school


    Job Description

    • Develop and communicate long term vision and objectives for hockey program
    • Develop and communicate Annual Hockey Development Plan to the Board.
    • Facilitate and participate in the coach selection process
    • Facilitate and participate in the team projections and team counts year over year
    • Facilitate and participate in the player selection process
    • Facilitate and participate in coaching development throughout the organization
    • Facilitate and participate in player development throughout the organization
    • Meet with coaches regularly (once per month, minimum) to evaluate progress
    • Work with ice scheduler to ensure each age group receives age-appropriate ice time
    • Work with and report to the Board Liaison as a connection between on ice affairs and the BYH Board of Directors
    • Coordinate and facilitate all off season development sessions including selecting the proper coaches for on ice instruction
    • Assess and recommend the ordering of all equipment necessary to hockey operations
    • Attend BYH Board Meetings when necessary, at the request of the Board of Directors


    Other Items of Note

    • This is a contractual obligation from 6/1/18 - 5/30/19.
    • There is a 90 day probationary period at which offer can be revoked if results aren’t seen
    • There will be a performance review at the end of each contract period or annually (whichever is more frequent)
    • Pay will be on a monthly basis
    • To qualify for this position the candidate must pass a criminal background check


    Application Information

    Qualified applicants, send the following information to

    • Resume
    • Cover Letter

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    Board of Directors Announcement

    The BYH Board of directors would like to welcome new members for the 2018-2019 Season.

    Amy Kent has been selected by the Board to fulfill the 1 year slot on our Board of Directors. Amy has been in our club for several years and has kids who play on BYH Hockey teams. 

    Joe Fuchs has been selected by the Board to fulfill the spot vacated by Tim Post's resignation. He will fulfill the two years remaining on that slot. Joe is a non parent coach with BYH and grew up playing hockey in Bloomington/Normal. 

    In addition to adding member to the Board of Directors, new officers have been selected for the coming year and are as follows:

    Shawn McVey - President

    Joe Fuchs - Vice President

    Lindsay Wasowicz - Treasurer

    Angie Brown - Secretary

    Paul Wampler - Registrar

    Amy Kent - Director at Large

    Logan Beckman - Director at Large

    Committee Chairs for the upcoming year will be as follows:

    Suspension Committee/Rules and Ethics Committee Co-Chairs - Amy Kent and Logan Beckman

    Finance Committee Chair - Lindsay Wasowicz

    Marketing/Public Relations Chair- Angie Brown (helped by Karen Fischer)

    BYH Tournament Chair - Amy Kent

    We are glad to have these volunteers to help out with all that needs to be done in the coming year.

    If you would like to volunteer to help with various club functions, please reach out to any board member. 


    Shawn McVey - BYH Club President