Tryout Process

The goal of Bloomington Youth Hockey (BYH) is to conduct tryouts that are fair and balanced for everyone involved. While there is no exact science for rating and placing players, we feel that the following description will help BYH members understand the process. By running tryouts in this manner, players will be placed on the proper teams that will best benefit their developmental strengths and allow the players time to foster the skills they need in becoming a more experienced player. The process takes time and the evaluators/coaches are using their best judgment through observation, scoring, conferrals, and feedback from prior season's coaches in the placement of the players. We feel it is important to remind everyone the tryout process is the hardest part of the hockey experience. Decisions are often difficult, but the sportsmanship and conduct that all members of the BYH community model will help shape our children’s outlook and attitudes as athletes for years to come.


A panel of members from the BYH Hockey Development Committee will evaluate each player for various skills, aptitudes, and qualities. The panel may include, but is not limited to, organizational head and assistant coaches, the Hockey and/or Coaching Director(s), and at large members of the Bloomington hockey community. The panel will evaluate each player for various skills, aptitudes, and qualities - including skating, stick handling, passing, shooting, hockey sense, effort, coachability, understanding and knowledge of the game, creativity, decision making, attitude, team centric focus, personal maturity, and effort. Following conferral with the panel, final decisions are at the discretion of the head coach of the relevant team with oversight from the Coaching and Hockey Directors. Absent substantial evidence that tryouts did not follow the above process, team selections posted by a head coach are final and will not be reopened for further scrutiny.


Players will be asked to exhibit the following in a series of drills, small area games, and full ice scrimmages.

  • Skating – Stride, edges, speed, crossovers, forward and backward skating.
  • Puck Skills – Puck handling, shooting, passing, control and precision.
  • Puck Support – Playing position, getting open, playmaking, and puck carrier support.
  • Effort – Small area battles, 50/50 puck races, forecheck, backcheck.
  • Position – Players at the Bantam and Midget age levels shall try out and be ranked by position (i.e., forward or defense). Younger age level players shall be placed based on overall ability and not specific positions as all players at theses ages benefit from playing multiple positions to gain an evolving understanding of the game.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing everyone at tryouts. 

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