Zero Tolerance Policy for Players

Bloomington Youth Hockey (BYH), in accordance with our hockey affiliations, adopts and adheres to all aspects of the Zero Tolerance Policy set forth below. Any violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy constitutes conduct detrimental to hockey and the program and will subject the offender to disciplinary action. The Zero Tolerance Policy applies to players both on and off the ice and at any time they are attending any type of BYH team event or gathering.

Players Shall:

  • Play for fun, work hard to improve skills, be a team player and get along with teammates.
  • Demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline.
  • Be on time for practices and games, learn and abide by the rules, and always be a good sport.
  • Respect coaches, managers, officials, teammates, parents and opponents.
  • Agree to act in accordance with all regulations set forth in the Code of Conduct and the objectives of BYH, as well as the rules of USA Hockey, CSDHL, AHAI and NIHL.

Players Shall Not:

  • Argue with coaches or officials.
  • Taunt or ridicule players, coaches, or officials.
  • Engage in, or support others who are engaging in bullying, threats, harassment, or hazing their own teammates towards players on a another team.
  • Use abusive, obscene, or vulgar language.
  • Use illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Use cell phones in the locker room, unless in case of emergency.
  • Use recording equipment in the locker rooms of any rink at any time. This includes cameras, video cameras, cell phones, or any other media collecting device.
  • Deliberately try to injure another player.
  • Make any intentional physical contact with body, puck, stick, or equipment of another player after the whistle or buzzer has sounded.
  • Engage in or incite fighting or abusive physical contact while participating in any BYH event (e.g.,practice, game, tournament, special event).

Disciplinary Action for Players:

  • At the team level, the Team Head Coach is responsible for deciding and implementing disciplinary measures to individual players or the team.
  • The Team Head Coach will report all incidents involving potential discipline to the Hockey Director within 24 hours.
  • The Team Head Coach will communicate with parents early and often when behavioral issues arise.
  • With respect to game suspensions, the Team Head Coach must contact and consult with the Hockey Director, who will in turn advise the President, and the BYH Rules & Ethics (R&E) Committee.
  • For 14U and above age group - players receiving suspensions will have that suspension matched by BYH R&E. For example, if a player is suspended due to receiving too many penalties in a game, BYH will match that suspension and that player will miss a total of two games (not including the game where the penalties occurred). If the player receives a two-game suspension from AHAI, BYH would add an additional two games for a total of four. The coach will have the opportunity to petition for removal of the BYH R&E matched suspension based on individual circumstances.
  • For 12U and below - BYH will review any suspensions received and will determine if any additional action is required based on the situation. BYH R&E will also review and suspensions and the suspension history for that player to determine if any additional disciplinary action is required, which includes adding additional game suspensions to the above rules. If additional suspensions are issued, and parents disagree with the decision, they can request a hearing with the R&E committee.
  • Any decision of the R&E Committee may be appealed in writing to the President or Vice-President of the Board. Decisions of the BYH Board are final.

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