• I will work hard to improve my skills, be a positive contributor to my team, and be a team player.
  • I will demonstrate discipline and good sportsmanship.
  • I will have behaviors that are welcoming and inclusive of people from all backgrounds.
  • I will show I am prepared and ready to play for all practices and games by:
  • Being on time and wearing all required protective equipment, including
  • Mouth guards (12U and up)
  • Neck guards (all ages)
  • Wearing the appropriate uniform for practices and games
  • I will show respect:
  • For everyone involved in the game including referees, coaches, teammates, parents, and the other team.
  • For the facilities, whether home or away. I will clean up the locker room, take care of equipment, and respect the rink and rink personnel.
  • I will show my commitment to the team by doing my best to attend every practice and every game, unless I am not feeling well.


I understand that my behavior is a reflection of me, my team, and BYH. I will abide by the Zero Tolerance Policy and Locker Room Policy.

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