Training and Performance Center (TPC)


  • Skate Faster. Hit the Puck Harder - the ability to rapidly produce force is what gives hockey players the ability to skate fast and hit the puck hard. Training with full body compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, presses and pulls are some of the best ways to gain the ability to produce force.
  • Mitigate Injury. Become a Better Athlete - Generally speaking, an athlete who is strong is less prone to injury. Strength training improves the strength of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Having a stronger body will help protect athletes by keeping everything in proper alignment when an athlete engages in physical battle, or when they collide with another player.
  • Build Confidence. One of the best things about strength training is the confidence it can create in an athlete. Unlike competitive sports, in the weight room, every athlete who puts forth effort into their sessions will see success. The marker of success with training isn't comparing yourself to everyone else, but seeing if you are beating your own personal records. When athletes see that they are capable of lifting more this week than they could the previous week, they begin to believe in themselves.

Benefits of TPC

Athlete Pre & Post Evaluation

to measure physical agility, speed, and strength for each player.

Dryland Training

will focus on mobility, strength, power, speed and overall conditioning.

Nutrition Tips

provided by a Registered Dietitian, as diet is a critical piece of any athlete's plan.

Team Bonding

dynamic is strengthened during dryland training sessions as athletes can easily encourage teammates, build rapport, increase communication and work toward a common goal.

Training Fee Discount

is significant and includes and additional multiple year discount resulting in less than $8 per session per athlete.

Care Coordination for Injured Athletes

resulting in direct and immediate access to physical therapy at MCO.

Conference Center

access is complimentary for BYH teams.

Fitness Center & Enrollment Fee Discounts

are available for BYH families who are interested in joining to take advantage of the programs and services offered at Carle.

FOR TPC questions

Catherine Porter

Executive Director

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