Team Manager Expectations

Thank you so much for volunteering to serve as the Manager of the Bloomington Thunder Youth Hockey Team! You are an integral part of having the season run smoothly and vital to the team’s success both on and off the ice.

Bloomington Youth Hockey (BYH), as a largely voluntary organization, depends on people like you to make the season possible. Managing a team is a significant commitment of your time and energy and we greatly appreciate your willingness to take on this role. There is no better way for you to contribute to the success of your team than to serve as its manager. The job is very busy at times but it can also be extremely rewarding and lots of fun as well!

The Team Manager Resource tab was developed to give you one place to go for some of the most generally asked questions. If you cant find what you need, or need clarification on not hesitate to ask.

Your role as a manager

You were asked to be a manager because your coach believes you have the kind of positive attitude and common-sense judgment that managers need, as well as the ability to take care of the details necessary to ensure a fun season for all the members of your team: players, coaches and parents. In essence, your role as the Manager is to handle the business affairs of the team and to organize and manage the parents.

Liaison to the Team

The Coach and their assistants are responsible for the players on the ice and in the locker room. You are responsible for everything else. Your job is to organize the team, to communicate effectively with parents, coaches, and to follow-up and ensure that delegated activities occur. A solid relationship between the coach and manager is imperative for a successful season. Keep in regular contact with your coach so that the two of you are “on the same page” and have the same information. Coaches should have in place a 24-hour rule with parents. If a parent has an issue with something that a coach does in a game or practice, they should wait 24 hours before contact is made. Work with the parents to communicate concerns to the coach in a respectful manner.

what we expect from you:

  • Keep in mind, the Mission and Vision of of BYH. The vision for BYH Thunder Hockey is dedicated to the athletic development, personal growth, and sportsmanship of youth hockey players. We encourage the development of our players individually as hockey players but just as important, as teammates, teaching them valuable lessons that can be applied long after they leave the rink – leadership, commitment, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, personal growth, hard work, teamwork, and outstanding character. We support this development in all of players, regardless of playing ability. As much as winning a hockey game is a great moment in time, the life lessons that our players gain from both winning and losing are the longer-lasting benefits from participating in team sports.
  • Be positive-even when it’s a challenge to do so. Exhibit grace under pressure as there is bound to be a parent that doesn’t like or understand a coach/team decision that was made. You are a representative of the Thunder and will be in direct contact with the Head Coach and the parents on your team. You will wear many hats, nothing more important than maintaining that positivity.
  • Remind parents, players, and coaches of the ideals of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), and that we’re playing for the name on the front, not on the back. Discourage conversations about player statistics and individual playing time. It’s all about the team.
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with the Coaching staff and the Parents.
  • Delegate responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask parents for help. Most parents are eager and willing to assist the manager. Many parents will offer their time for specific tasks. Ask for volunteers early and then assign team members for jobs left unfilled. Parents usually find it easier to have a clearly defined task assigned to them.
  • Encourage team spirit/camaraderie. Many times, the off ice activities with a team will lead to great success on the ice.
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